I am a dreamer. I see the way I want my life to look, spaces to look, relationships to look way before it actually happens. I see it playing like a movie in my head. The clothes I am wearing, the car I am driving, the way my husband and I speak to one another,…

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Family Systems

As an individual we are a part of so many systems. A family system, social system, cultural system, religious system and so on. Sometimes, it is easy to forget how much that system impacts us and vice versa. This week I want to focus on the family system and really break down what is means…

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Brooke Ferreira, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  “Brooke, I’m wondering what it would be like to explore your self-esteem” – My wonderful therapist    What does that even mean?  I noticed I started to become defensive in this moment. It felt icky having someone point out that self-esteem is something I might need work on. After the defensiveness settled, I started…

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